Carcassonne mobile app for Android on Google Play

Carcassonne mobile app for Android is available on Google Play.
Facebook account is needed to log in to the game but this might change.
The mobile apps has almost the same feature set as the desktop one.

Get it here:

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Carcassonne Online site

You can now play Carcassonne on this dedicated site:

Facebook account is still needed for log in and buying credits is only possible on the Facebook Carcassonne page.

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Flash multiplayer game on Facebook

I have created the online version of the popular board game Carcasson on Facebook.
This is a real-time, multiplayer game, the server side is built in Python.
You need a Facebook account to try it.
If you are behind a corprate firewall chances are that you won’t be able to connect to the rtmp server.

Here is the link to the game:

And here is some info about the rules:

Feel free to “Like” it :)

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Building data driven applications in Adobe Flex – presentation at ELTE University, Budapest

I gave a presentation with the above title at ELTE University, Budapest.
Here are the slides of the presentation.
And here is a short outline:

  • introduction to the Flash Player and Platform
  • basics of the Flex framework
  • Flash Builder IDE, new features in v. 4
  • I am going to build a demo application that demonstrates:
    • Flex component architecture (Spark)
    • FXG assets
    • data centric development features in Flash Builder 4 -
    • remoting with the Zend AMF Php framework
  • a few words about mobile development in Flash Builder Burrito, AIR
  • new API’s in the Flash Player: Molehill 3D, peer-to-peer
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Online shelf designer

My latest work is this online shelf designer application built in Flash:
You can quickly build your own shelfed cupboard, choose material and instantly see the price.
Have a play with it :)

shelf designer

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QuickLoader update

QuickLoader has been updated to use Flashcommander 2.5 server side code.
QuikLoader is the desktop AIR version of FLashcommander, the online filemanager.

Download QuickLoader 1.5 here.

After installation the Air program automatically connects to
To change this edit the config.xml in badge folder.

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AutoComplete improvement

I have made a small 2 fixes to the AutoComplete component:

  • If control was set to requireSelection=false and tabbed away after entering some text in the input the text was cleared on focusOut event; this is fixed now.
  • Clicking into the control when it already had focus didn’t open it even if there was a selection. Now it does open.

Many thanks for the suggestions, guys.

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Flashcommander 2.5 – freeware

Flashcommander 2.5 is available – try the demo here.
There have been numerous bug fixes, the most important is full support for UTF-8 file names.
The video and mp3 player modules have been rebuilt based on Spark components.
I have decided to give this version for free but if you find it useful feel free to donate :) .
Download Flashcommander 2.5 here.

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Flex 4 Mp3 player

For some reason the Spark VideoPlayer doesn’t play back mp3 files so I decided to build one.
I have reused the skin elements of VideoPlayer so the look and feel is the same.

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Using Google Search Suggest with Flex 4 AutoComplete

This article demonstrates how to use Flex 4 AutoComplete with Google Search Suggest.
First I use the Google Suggest API to show search suggestions in the AutoComplete as the user types in the input. Then I use the Google Search API to perform a Google search with the selected phrase.
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